Friday, December 30, 2011

Poor Moose

Moose got run over by a car, but just barely. The car broke his front right leg and when he got up it fell off. I was so upset but Moose didn't seem to notice and just got up and ran around on three legs. I was so sad for him though.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Stinky Snow

A group of my family was standing on a snowy mountain peak. There was a really bad guy who had weird face paint, and he had a little friend who was like he servant or partner in crime. We were watching them and they got in a fight, then the main guy fell off the cliff. I watched him fall into the snow and slide down the steep slope really quickly. His friend was so loyal that he then jumped off the cliff and fell behind him. I didn't understand it. I thought for sure they were dead. I didn't see the friend again, but the main bad guy got up once he stopped falling and walked to a flat spot and pulled out a ball that I thought was a bomb and a lighter. Then he lit the ball and fire shot into the air and I was sure we were going to die. Then the fire turned into smoke and it smelled horrible. Everyone in my family in the top of the hill started covering their mouths and yelling "NOOOO! It's a stink bomb! Run!"

Missed the hike

We were on a trip with Tim and Janessa. We went hiking in an area that looked like Moab, Utah. We were in a big tour bus with lots of people. When the bus parked everyone started hiking up the hill, but I realized I was holding a big wooden sign that said "Merry Christmas". As everyone else left to hike to the top of the cliff, I ran back to the bus to try and put the sign back on it. I was going as fast as I could but for some reason it was taking forever and I knew I would never catch up to the hikers. Finally I put the sign on the bus and ran out to meet people but I saw Tim and Janessa and the group coming back down. I said to someone I saw, "Dang it! I wanted to hike to the top too!" and he said, "Well...Tim wondered why you didn't come. He said,'It's like cats vs dogs, eh?'" I realized that that meant Tim and Janessa thought I just wasn't the hiking type and I was so mad.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Publicly having Kellen

I gave birth to Kellen. Something went wrong because I had extensive surgery and I had a big blue vein running up one of my legs, across my belly, and to my heart. Kellen made it though. He had a very round face and dark hair, which was weird. He didn't look like Kellen. The nurse decided to show everyone my birthing video. She brought it out and I was completely naked and sprawled out having a baby in front of a bunch of people I didn't know. I felt totally exposed and embarrassed and I would run to the men in the room and say "Don't watch this! Dont watch! You don't have to see this!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rubber ducky targets.

Every day I am chased by someone and have to hide.

Today I was at what seemed like a community barbecue. There was a group of men who were being mean to everyone and they were handing little rubber ducks to people. In order to avoid having the group be mean to them there were some teens who started acting like them and following them around. I grabbed the shoulder of a kid with frosted tips and said, "I bed you feel SO cool acting like those jerks, don't you!" He shrugged me off.
I realized that the leader of the mean men was planning on killing everyone he gave a rubber ducky to. I had one. Some friends of mine had one. I told them to get rid of it and they wouldn't so I grabbed it and put it in my shirt to hide it. The mean man saw me and grabbed me. He carried me over to a hole in my parents back porch that was really deep. He planned to throw me into it.
I started yelling and screaming at him. I spread my legs and arms out so they couldn't put me in the hole. Then the guy picked up Lucas' scriptures. He started flipping through them mocking them. I was so offended and said, "Get your dirty, scummy hands out of my husbands scriptures! You're going to regret that!" Then I grabbed the scriptures and ran as fast as I could. They tried to chase me and were right on my tail then I ended up on a staircase and found Lucas.
I hugged him tight and said we needed to go. I felt safe now that we were together. We ran outside and there was a limo. Lucas went to automatic unlock it with his keys and I told him not to because it could blow up. We stepped back and he unlocked it and nothing happened so we got in the limo.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kelsey is getting older

Lucas and I went to Hawaii. While we were there we decided to go see the Kominek family, who I used to nanny for. Kelsey was in Kindergarten and I was so excited to see her. We talked and I hugged Kelsey, and asked if she remembered me. She just looked at my face and shook her head. I was crushed but said, "It's okay Kels. You were just a baby when I watched you. It is hard to remember me." Then we talked to Bill and Wendi for a while and I just watched Kelsey. It was great to see her but I was sad that she didn't remember me.

Lucas cheats

Lucas cheated on me. I was completely broken. I asked if he slept with another woman and he said yes and I wanted to throw up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby in trouble

We had our baby. I knew it was a boy but I kept seeing a girl and calling him a her. He was in trouble and started to throw up blood. I was terrified and we took him to the hospital. They said he might now make it and kept him on machines. I left and went to someones house where they were holding a healthy baby and it seemed a million miles away. I had a feeling I needed to go to the hospital again and I ran there and found my baby and kept saying, "I can save her. Let me hold her! Let me hold her!"

Moms Dresser

Mom got a really cool old dresser. It kept changing shape and style and she got it at DI for 70 dollars. I was impressed and didn't know she ever went to D.I.

David and James fall in love

Today I was at the Main house. We were talking to David and his whole family in a big fancy entryway. I realized that David was using his hands more than usual when he spoke. They let me know that David and James Julian had fallen in love but it was a secret. David said, "My mom still has a hard time with it but she is trying" I knew that both of them were attracted to women so I didn't understand why they would choose this even with the gospel and when they could easily be attracted to other people. I knew James was probably about to leave his wife to come be with David. Del Main looked like sister Stallings but was herself. She told me not to tell anyone, and I said I would not. But later I was home and sitting on the couch with Jonni. She was telling me how happy James and Tabitha are. I told her I was sorry but I knew something about someone. I tried not to say anything and said "a person we know, has decided to be in a same sex relationship with someone else we know. And this person is going to leave his DANG IT I SAID HIS. Oops. Anyways. So a guy we know is leaving his family for another guy we know and honestly David looks happy. DANG IT I SAID HIS NAME! Now you know!" Just then Del popped up from behind the couch and said "DID YOU TELL HER?" and I said "I didn't mean to! I was just telling her the basics without any names and I completely slipped I'm so sorry but I know she wont tell anyone. I'm the person she tells things to!" Del walked away.

Ex boyfriends

Don Barrand knocked on my door today and asked me if there was any way I could do him a favor. He handed me two 9X13 pans and two boxes of brownie mix and said he really needed me to make the brownies for his family. They were having family night and he had treats and he needed me to assist him. Then he left. I made the brownies and they looked great but were a little crumbly. I thought two pans seemed like a lot, and after family night when everyone in the Barrand family was eating them there was a whole untouched pan of brownies they put in the oven.

I was at Kristen Pierson's parent's house hanging out. Brandon and Julie were there. Brandon was sitting against the wall with a friend, and I walked into the room and sat on the floor with them. We were making small talk and the friend said something about how I crushed Brandon and that was wrong. Brandon looked at the floor. I said "I was 18 years old and stupid. I didnt know what I wanted so I think not getting married was the right idea. I was just being stupid. I am sorry about how I hurt you though." Brandon looked at me and smiled and we kept talking and it was less awkward.

I was in Hawaii surfing and I noticed Jamie and his new girlfriend surfing too. I paddled over to them and said Hello. Jamie looked shocked and mad to see me. I talked instead to his girlfriend and told her I was happy for them and she is beautiful and they look very happy. Then I caught a wave and left. They surfed in and came up to me on the beach and I teased them about catching small waves and said "Wow those waves were really huge, that must have been terrifying" We laughed, I missed him being around but knew I made the right choice.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hot Dog Fight

My family was all together and we went to a neighborhood buffet meal. All my siblings sat together, and I sat down with my food and left a seat open for Lucas. When he got his food he walked by me and chose not to sit by me and went to sit with the Rent A Center staff. I said "Lucas? Aren't you going to sit here?" and he rolled his eyes. He goes, "Whatever I'll sit here I guess." I said, "Well don't let me force you" He sighed, annoyed. Lucas got up from the seat and went over to the buffet and grabbed a two foot long hot dog and came back. He said to my brother Jason, "I could eat these things all day" and dipped his hot dog into nacho cheese and ate it. I was bugged. Jason said, "That's awesome, man"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

rollerblading with Andy

Lucas was going to hang out with Daniel and I wanted to race him there and surprise him. I was rolelrblalding down the street really fast and a couple kids wanted to play hide and seek. I told them my hiding spot was further down. I could hear Daniels truck and I thought I wasn't fast enough. I got to an elementary school and saw Andy from the office. I said, "Andy...from the office?"
He said "yeah..."
I anwered, "Sorry, I dont know your non-acting name. Is it ANDREW?"
He and his friend gasped and said "yes".
I said, "Do you know mine?"
"It's Amber." And I rollerbladed in a circle to try and impress them. "Same name. Same character."
Andy's friend said "You and the Amber character both have hair tie things on your wrist and ankle!" I checked and I had hair ties on my ankle. It was strange.
Then someone said,"Your Dad is really nice to let you rollerblade"

Ice Skating

I took ice skating lessons today. I was working out at a gym and couldn't get pace with the treadmill so I left the cardio area and there was an ice rink. There was a teenage girl giving a little boy lessons. he would stop really fast and was ruining the ice. I got skates and followed them and copied all the stuff she was teaching him. I thought I was pretty good.


Today I was riding in the car with Sarah, Emily, Lisa Erickson, Mom and a few others. We were drivint to the temple and were all crammed in the back of a suburban. Nobody was in the passenger seat. I felt weird about it and got really nervous about the drive and felt like we were going to crash. As we passed a gas station one of the pumps blew up and the explosion was huge. People ran out into the road to avoid the fire but we had to swerve to avoid them. The car fishtailed and we flipped onto some people and the car rolled and ended down the street on the roof. There was glass everywhere. I yelled to see if Emily was okay and saw that Lisa Erikson was on fire and badly burned. I was fine so I helped Lisa and ended up carrying her from the car to the grass median. I went back to help everyone else. Once our car of people were on the median i overheard some men saying they caused the explosion to try and kill an orphan. I was so mad and started yelling at them. They were furious that we knew it was them and said we had to pull their truck to the next station by ropes tied around our burns and cuts. I was so sad for Lisa. The bad guy then cut off some guys fingers with a fork. (HORRIBLE! I woke up in a weird grossed out mood)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chinese Parade Prince

My family went to China today! We were all there watching a parade and a royal cart came by and a bunch of princes got out and picked a girl from the crowd. I was chosen by one of them. he put his arm around my waist and guided me back to his cart. I was flattered but didn't want to go. The parade kept moving and I sat weirdly next to my prince. All the others were holding hands and cuddling with the girl they chose but I had no interest. I finally said "You didn't even ask me if I wanted to come." He looked shocked and motioned something and the whole parade stopped. I got out of the card and there were tons of flashes form reporters and I ran into a building while the prince picked a giggly Chinese girl and went back into his cart and the parade started again. I left the building and ran up a huge hill to find my family. I saw Sarah first and got into a chair by her and said "I didn't want to go with him." and she said " Too bad, I can't even write about this for the newspaper!"

Eli's booth

Eli was at a school event in the park. All the kids set up booths with games and stuff. His station was gift wrapping, but if nobody had gifts he would build custom shelves for you. There weren't many people at his booth, but he still looked happy.

Blog stalker and Fitness Dad

Lucas and I were hanging out with Mike and Katie Unger. Eventually Lucas left and I was surprised how awkward it was hanging out with them. We didn't have much to talk about and kept walking around the house trying to find things to do. I had nothing to say so I would mention Katie's food blog and realized I sounded obsessed with it. I just have a good memory. Mike and I found a hole under the house where my dad built a cave and trained for P90X competitions. He was really skinny but he had a vertical C-Section scar that confused me. I mentioned Katie's tattoo and she got mad that I "outed" it because Mike's family didn't approve. It was so weird so I pretended to fall asleep on the stairs.

Lucas and Crystal

I went to a get together with Crystal Marshall and while talking to her I discovered that she and Lucas had previously dated and it was pretty serious. I knew that she hinted at it but i could not get her to confirm or deny it. I walked behind her while she bought a salad at a salad bar and said " You know everything about when I dated YOUR husband..." and she just changed the subject. I was surprised and shocked that Lucas had not told me about dating Crystal, and I just wanted to hear about it. Nobody would tell me anything so, I went to get a casserole. I made one and took it to a party. They put it in the oven and nobody ate it because they all just anted homemade pizza. Julie Thorne was there and was really nice to me.

Dead birds

There were tiny dead birds all over our room today. Moose ate a dead mouse and spit it out on our bed. I showed them to Lucas.

(Lucas said I actually did wake him up and point to all the "dead birds" and pointed around the room)


Zuri was destroying all of our stuff while we slept and Moose was sad.

Stephanie weight issues

Stephanie Druva got really chubby. her mom kept making her tell me what she weighed when she was skinny. I looked in my journal to see what I weighted at the same age but I had never written it down.

Black Bear

There was a black bear on my parent's porch. He looked really nice and was cuddly. He didn't seem mad. I really wanted to pet him but I knew he could be more mean than he looked so I just closed the door.

He wants me dead.

Jamie Johnson hates me. He and his friends were at some event where I was and he scowled at me the whole time. Then one of his friends said something about how our relationsihp was bad and I got defensive and said, "I really really loved Jamie. It breaks my heart that his bitterness that it didn't work out makes him bleieve that it was not real" (or something along those lines) Then everyone was mad at me. Jamie wanted me dead. They all started trying to kill me. I got shot once and almost stabbed a lot. I was crying. I couldn't believe Jamie would want me dead. It made me so sad. I hid form them for a while but they were gaining on me.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone hates Sunday School

I was at a BBQ and a quy walked in. He had long hair and a handlebar mustache. He came up to me and acted like he knew who I was, but I didn't recognize him. He introduced himself as Bryce Long. I repeated "Bryce Long....Bryce Long...sounds familiar" Then Corey, his brother, walked in and I remembered who he was. I leaned over to Lucas and said, "I made out with him" (btw, I'm pretty sure I didn't.) and we all hung out talking. Coreys wife came in and she was stunning. We got to talking about church and Corey and his wife left. I wondered why they would leave when talk got to church so I went to look for them. Then Corey turned into Austin but their wife was the same girl. I saw Austin through an old basement window and climbed through it. I sat on a chair next to him and asked him why they aren't going to church. He said "I dont know. She doesnt want to so I support her" I told him that it is important to go to church so you remember what is important to you. He said "We go to sacrament meeting, but not to anything else. She really HATES Sunday school." We heard the blinds move in the window and his wife was there and stormed away. I lifted myself out of the window and ran after her and told her that when Austin and I were dating I hated Sunday School too. I told her that everyone hates sunday school but we go so that we can not forget what is important. I told her that Austin taught me that and so I am trying to help him remember. I wanted her to remember. It was also a lie. I'm full of lies today.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hot hands at dinner

I was hanging out with Sara Whitcomb. We could never figure out what we wanted to do and kept appearing in new places but it was boring. We appeared in the car and we were driving down a really hilly road and she asked if I wanted to have dinner with her family. I thought she meant her husband and kids, but then she drove to her parents house.
When dinner started it was just Sara, Me, Rachel, and their mother. Nobody was talking and all we were eating was mashed potatoes, I think. Suddenly they had like 7 brothers and they came in the room one by one and pulled up metal folding chairs. I was sitting there and one of her brothers thought I was in his spot so without saying anything he started pushing my chair until the entire table was full of people and I was sitting in my chair off to the side. It was very confusing and there wasn't enough food for everyone.
I looked up, annoyed that Sara had not defended me when her brother shoved me out of the group but forgot to be mad because I realized everything had changed. Everyone was now sitting on a chair with another chair on top of the table and their food under it. They had their arms over their heads with hands laying flat on the metal chairs on the table and kept flipping their hands over so they could get as much of their hands on the metal chairs as possible.
I asked why they were doing that and they said "How else are we going to eat AND keep our hands cool?" I thought it was such a weird way to keep your hands cool, but they didn't seem to think it was strange so I just sat down.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bruce Willis

I'm dating Bruce Willis. He lives in a big glass house that looks like very masculine. He tells me to take a shower in his stairwell. On the way up the stairs I see that there is a group of Japanese people having a meeting or something under the stairs, and I worry that they will see me shower. I stand where I think nobody can see me and shower using a super tiny nozzle that pulls out of the wall and I have to spray every inch of me because its so small. As I shower I am thinking that this is the worst place to ever install a shower, as my feet are sliding everywhere and I could easily fall down the wooden stairs. I begin to feel really weird and dry off and go upstairs where Bruce is and see he has stray girl hair all over, that I assume is mine and I take it off his shoulders. I feel even weirder about being here and get a piece of paper and write on it, "Thanks, but no thanks" and I put it on his bed and left. The door to his house was automatic like a department store door.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Second Wife

I found out today that Lucas has a secret second marriage to a girl from our church. I was sickened at the thought of him being with anybody else. I asked him if they had slept together and he said that he had to because they were married. I cried because I thought we had a perfect marriage and the idea that he has had a secret second wife all this time crushed me. I wanted to go back to just us. I didn't know why he needed to marry her, too. I hated it. I didn't want him to get kicked out of the church. I asked if they had kids and thankfully he said they didn't. I realized that he went to bed with me everynight, which means he is a bad wife to her anyway. Makes me wonder why he ever felt he needed to marry someone else.

I saw them holding hands. I wanted to die.

(SO GLAD to wake up from this dream!)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Twins, again.

We went to the doctor today because Lucas and I were fighting. As we were about to leave the Nurse told me that I was pregnant, and was going to do an ultrasound. Suddenly nurse was a doctor and started trying to give me a vaginal ultrasound and I felt violated but excited to see if I really was pregnant. We were looking at the screen and noticed two little beans next to eachother. The doctor told us that we were having identical twins. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy, but Lucas and I fought all the way home.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jamie's New Girlfriend

Today a bunch of people were floating in an ocean with me. We were all holding on to what appeared to be wood from a boat crash, but we weren't scared or hurt. It's like we thought we were surfing. Then I noticed Jamie near me and I swam over to him and said Hi to him. I was relieved when he actually seemed happy to see me. We kinda hugged and then I saw his new girlfriend. She was beautiful, so I told her I thought she was really pretty. She said, "Thanks! And I like your pixie haircut and your pixie face" I thought that was weird but nice because I dont have pixie anything. I swam to the shore and there was Jamie again, next to a house with firefighters and an ambulance. He was really upset and I asked what was wrong, he told me that his girlfriend was in the house and he didnt know if she was okay. I got really scared for her and sad for Jamie so I ran in the house to find and help his girlfriend. When i found her upstairs she was hurt and Jamie was sitting next to her. He was crying, and I sat on the floor next to him and hugged him for a long time and kept telling him that she would be okay. It was good to see him happy with her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Laser fight

Lucas' family wanted to play laser tag today. I was SO excited to go and we all had a really expensive ticket to the best laser tag place in town. Everyone had on a team Taylor T-shirt on, and just as we were getting in the car I realized I didn't have a seat. I said, Uh oh, where can I sit? And Brian, my brother-in-law sticks his head out the door and says, "You're not coming. We dont have a ticket for you" I was really confused because I knew I had a ticket. So I went to find Lucas, who I realized was in our Escape. I went to the car and opened the door and he said, "Oh, hun, you aren't coming. We gave a ticket away, so we are just going to go" I was so sad that they gave a ticket away and just outed me. It made me feel really unwanted, and I was mad at Lucas for being okay with it. I was trying to figure it out and saw Mary Jane Ogle and she said, "I wanted a ticket so they gave me yours". She wouldn't give it back.

Everybody left.

So I walked to the laser tag place, Lucas was running around playing and I found him and walked in and crouched down where he was hiding, all geared up. I said, "Lucas, why would your family think I didn't want to come?" He said, "They knew you wanted to. We just gave your ticket away". That made me mad. I thought it was so inconsiderate, so I put my arm over him because he wasn't paying attention to me and was so angry and started explaining how they wronged me. He kinda just shrugged me off and kept playing. He never acts that way, so I got up and yelled back in front of everyone, "Lucas, you are so stupid!" He looked sad that I would call him a name, and so I immediately felt like I was the biggest jerk. I ran to him and hugged him and kissed him and told him I was sorry and I didn't mean it and now I know why I wasn't invited to play laser tag.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Belly Door

I found out that I was pregnant today. I was really excited and surprised to find out that my belly worked like a door with hinges on the bottom, I could open it up and look inside from above and check on my baby.
Later, I was walking around with my family balancing on the curbs around the neighborhood. I opened up my belly and noticed that there were actually two babies inside. I was so happy! I looked later and they were bigger but I was very worried that they would not survive so I kept my eye on them and said a very long prayer asking the Lord to keep my babies safe until it was time to get them out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lost and Found

Our neighbors, Kami and Jared took us on a road trip. I fell asleep in the car and when I woke up I couldn't figure out where we were. So I said, "Jared, where are we?" and he says, "In Haaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee". And looked at me like he had actually told me. I was like "Ooooh" even though I could only guess he tried to say Hawaii.
I was confused because there was landscape too far away for it to be hawaii, but maybe we were really there. I pretended to know where we were and said, "Wow, they've really built up this part of the city" (which is weird because we were standing in an empty field) "What's the name of this city?" I asked, trying to get an answer. Jared goes, "Laaaaaeeeeeeeeee" I'm thinking, Laie? But there were no tropical trees. So I said, "Oh how I love Hawaii!" and Kami says, "This isn't Hawaii, this is Texas!" Then I noticed a sign that said FT. WORTH.

Next thing I know I'm in India in this old building. Its really pretty and everyone is watching really inappropriate TV shows on an old TV. I didn't want to watch them anymore so I got up and then realized everyone was mad at me, and they started chasing me and said I belonged to the King. I didn't want him so I ran to hide. I kept seeing good hiding spots but they were blocked. Finally I stood behind a door and Lucas saw me. When a group of people came looking for me, they spotted my toes and Lucas says, "Guys, go easy on her. Don't take her to the King. This is the only life she knows."

Friday, May 6, 2011


Tim is not allowed to talk to me. His wife is mad I made a joke about their newborn pictures. She looks really good today though, and I can't believe I didn't notice she is a little person.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Awkward Swamp Date

I guess I'm not married today. There is a very handsome man sitting next to me on the plane, and I find myself wanting to make him laugh. He has on a leather coat with fur on the hood, which I find very strange, but I still want him. I strike up a conversation with him. Next thing I know we are walking through a swamp. It looks like there used to be a theme park here, we are on old rollercoaster tracks that go through this swamp, and there is an old aquarium to one side that I'm pretty sure has crocodiles in it. The cute guy from the plane seems to think that I am into his friend, who seems into me. I dont want to give him the wrong idea, so I am a little below my normal friendliness to his friend. I am nice, but try to act like a sister would or something. No flirting. I am in the front of four of us, I dont know who the other person is. The cute plane guy calls my name, and I get too excited and start running through the mud as he goes "ah" He noticed my over excited reaction right away and I was embarrassed and covered in mud. He said,
"Come here I want to show you something." I followed him for a while and he goes, "Are you liking him or not" and I said "Nope. I don't know him." He goes, okay.

Suddenly I'm back at his apartment. He is very organized and reminds me of Chad. His room is perfectly clean and looks very bachelor. THere is a TV on a dresser and a cover for a workout tape, which I find cute. I walk around the apartment and I realize there is someone in the shower. Suddenly my sister is there and goes "Is there a girl here?" I say, I think so, I'll check. I go over to the shower and peek over and see blonde hair. I say, "Is that you, Kelli?" the girl says, "YUP!"

(I woke up glad I was still married to Lucas)


The family was all gathered in this cute house. I was outside in the dirt parking lot when this white van pulled up. A short lady came out of it looking serious. She was holding a photograph. She came up to me, asking who I was. I told her I was Amber Taylor. She asked if my maiden name was Amber Hermann, and I told her yes. She handed me a picture of a check made out to Amber Hermann for 40 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House. She said that I had won the money! I started getting really excited and immediately started trying to find Lucas to tell him we could afford to Adopt. She stopped me and said, "Your legal name is Amber Taylor, now. We can't give you the money" I said, I am the same person, I'm just married now. She said, sorry. She took the picture of the check back and said, you see its for Amber Hermann, that is not you. I got really sad and started crying that we wouldn't be able to help anybody or adopt kids or anything all because of a name change. It was fun to get excited while it lasted.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ebay to India

I was sitting on the stairs and my friend David sent me a text. He asked me to meet him. I walked to the bottom of the stairs, and he was there, and told me he needed a girl to do a favor for him, and I was a girl. I agreed. So he told me he needed me to buy a bike off of ebay for him.
I got online and ordered the bike and a few minutes later it arrived. I went upstairs to get it and realized it was not a bike at all, it was actually a box with two tickets to India. I really wanted to go but I knew these were a secret package for David. I gave him the tickets and asked if I could go to India with him. He said he would think about it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

"This is a dream"

I was riding in a truck with Kristen, Jonni, and my sister. We were driving to meet my family somewhere. I was poking at my stomach and realized that it was really firm. Kristen though maybe I was pregnant. I told her I am not pregnant, I would know if I was, but then my belly started moving and it felt like a baby kicking. Kristen saw a footprint and goes, "You are totally pregnant!" Then I felt a pain in my side and I looked down and there was a tiny newborn leg coming out of my side. I realized I was pregnant and my baby was falling out of my stomach. I carefully pulled the baby out of my stomach. He was a little boy. His face was not fully formed, because he was a preemie. I looked at him and was so happy, and I held him close to me. When I pulled him away his face was perfect and he looked beautiful. I was so in love. I just hugged him close to me and couldn't believe I had a baby boy. We went to meet my family at this big house and everyone was really happy about the baby. I wouldn't let anyone else hold him, I didn't want to put him down for a single minute. Then they called a Doctor and I had to let her check him. I left the room for a second and was gone for a while. I suddenly panicked that it was taking too long and ran into the room where my baby was. The baby was laying on the bed and the Dr was playing with him. I told her that was my job and I picked him up and decided never to let him go. A minute later I was holding him and my mom and I were walking around to go to the store. My mom said "We should throw you a party for having a baby!" I started crying and said, "We can't do that, Mom. And I don't think I can do this again. I can't say goodbye again." She said "Why? Whats wrong, he's fine!" and I go. "Because this isn't real. This is a dream." My mom goes "Really?" I said "Yes. I would have known if I was pregnant. This is a dream. And I dont think I can say goodbye to him. I dont want to wake up."