Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naked Space Mission

Lucas and I seemed to be in some space mission. We were traveling to all these weird planets and the people we were with were attacking all of the natural inhabitants and trying to study them. We didn't like it so we tried to go off on our own mission. We would jump through little portals and appear somewhere else. When I jumped through one I appeared on the other side butt naked. I was in some cinder-block building. I didn't care much that I was naked because it was just an alien place anyway. I started running to find another portal and I turned a corner and saw Darth Vader walking down the hallway, so I quickly turned around and ran to hide in a womens bathroom because I didn't want Darth Vader to see me and torture me naked. I sat on a toilet in a stall and lifted my feet up so if he came in the restroom to find me he wouldn't be able to. I left after a while and found Lucas and told him Darth Vader was there. He went into a classroom of people and gathered up clothes for me to wear and called them a "cape". Then we found a portal and jumped through it and there was a giant floating diamond shaped planet covered in trash and I started cleaning it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Proxy Audition

Liz Chapman was trying out for a part in a play, but she could not be there to audition so I wanted to try out for her. I went to the auditions and when they called my name I went onstage and said, "I'm going to try out today so my friend Liz can get the leading role. You might know her. Her name is Liz." The director guy said, "Okay. What is her AAAUUUURRRAAAA?" I said, "Well she is really tiny and has short light brown/reddish hair. She has small hands. She is so so funny and smart and she makes you feel like you are good friends even if you dont know her." They thought about it and I auditioned and got of the stage. They said she got the part so I went and sat on some bleachers and a bunch of kids were singing songs. My Dad peeked out from behind a curtain and told me to come over to him. I told him I had to sit on the bleachers to wait for Liz to know she was the lead in the play.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today a group of girls and I were at a party at their house. Then a group of men started trying to get into the house to attack us. We all kept trying to get away or hurt them so they wouldn't be able to hurt us. However, we were only ever able to stay like one step ahead. They started getting closer and closer, and I looked outside and saw that we could easily hop the fence and run through the neighbors yard to try and get away. I told the other girls and they agreed to come. One got caught by a man though so I took off and ran across the yard and jumped the fence. I was running fast and knew I was still being chased. I turned as much as possible to try and lose them. I found a birthday party that appeared to be half inside someones house and half in their yard so I ran through the people and balloons scattered everywhere. I went into the house and hid there, but the people were on my tail and came into the house. I ran as fast as I could. I kept hiding in random places and eventually I was sure I lost them. A cute boy with dark brown hair came and helped me out of a hiding place and pointed a direction for me to go. Unfortunately, when I was running I bumped into an escaped convict in his orange suit. Then I saw way more. They saw me and smiled and laughed really evil-style and I freaked out. I ran and ran to get away from them. I ran into the cops who were chasing them. One of the convicts almost got me, then the cute boy saw me and helped me up into a small stairwell. He kissed my hand. I thought that was odd. I climbed the stairs and it was oddly quiet. Then the girls from when this started were there and kept giggling and helped me up the stairs. They guided me up the stairs until they reached a long hallway. there were balloons everywhere. At the end of the hallway I saw an oversized piece of paper. It appeared to be credits of some kind with names of all the people I had seen that day. Then one of the girls pulled me away from the paper and we started climbing more stairs and she said "Isn't this exciting?! This is all from Kellen Thomas!" I was so shocked to hear his name. I said "Kellen.....?" I don't know why she said Thomas. Then I said, "That boy...the boy that kissed my hand. That was Kellen?" the girl nodded. I kept climbing the stairs to get to him. I wished Lucas was there.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


There were a bunch of people in my apartment (that looked nothing like my apartment) They kept rolling up my rug. One kid broke the springs in our couch so I had to fix them, I made up how to do it and was impressed with my handiness. Then Lucas and I went to a second hand furniture store. We looked everywhere for an entertainment center Lucas found one he liked but there wasn't room for our tv. I measured it with a tape measure, it was only 27 inches tall. I told him it wouldn't work but he was gone. Then we saw that I had reserved the entertainment center. I told Lucas I didn't remember doing that, but now it would only cost us 415 dollars. We seemed to think that was a good price. Then we saw a giant therapy couch and wanted to buy it as a guest bed.

Limo Dad

It was snowing in Colorado today. My dad was sitting in a Limo that Marc Merkling was driving. I tried to scare them but it didn't work. They just stared at me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

skydiving for charity

Everyone I knew was getting a chance to go skydiving for charity. If you did not want to donate it was free, but any donations went to charity. It was raining and I was terrified to go, so I didn't ever jump. Back on the ground there was a blonde kid following me and Sarah Turek around. He insulted Sarah and she stood with her head down in the sidewalk. I was so mad at him and started chasing him. I wanted to either scream at him for punch him for what he said. So I ran after him and when I was about to catch up to him he took a giant wad of money and threw it at me and said, "There you go! Alright?! I'm sorry!" I picked up the money and saw that it was about 400 dollars. I figured that was a decent apology. Then I went back to Sarah. A few minutes later the cops came to me and said I was being arrested for stealing 1400 dollars. I freaked out and told them that blonde kid had thrown a stack of 400 dollars at me, and now he was making up the other 1000 dollars! I ran back to a classroom where I thought he was and all the people I have ever known who were blonde were in there and I couldn't remember who did it. I started searching all my friends for the 1000 dollars, despite it being made up, and blaming them for framing me. They all looked very offended. I found one kid and pulled 60 dollars out of his coat but he said it was his money.