Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moose in the light

Moose got up into the light fixture in our room. He was running around and around and I thought he was going to fall out and get hurt

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Neighbor

We live in a house like the one I grew up in but on a small cul-de-sac. Our neighbor won the HGTV dream home, and I saw them give her a big check. I ran over to talk to her about how that was so amazing and I feel like I was so close! At her house her husband was there and he was scary. He kept showing me pictures of his two special needs daughters and saying "Aren't they beautiful? They are just beautiful!" I agreed that they were beautiful and thought maybe he wasn't that scary.

Then I went into the basement and there were a lot of little orphan kids. There was a tidal wave coming and I needed to save them. I only managed to grab two little boys about three years old. I grabbed them and wrapped them in a blanket and ran into a closet until the wave stopped. When it was over I went back upstairs and my neighbor was standing by the door. As I walked out to see something I noticed a match taped to a banister that was a few inches from a black box. I thought it was weird, but was happy i saved those boys. I thought I should go get them, then the neighbor lit the match and ran off. A second later the ground shook as the house blew up in a huge explosion.

I made it safely into the street but just stared at the flames. I was so distraught about all the lost orphans in the house, and I didn't manage to save those two boys again.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Molly was okay. I was carrying her around on my hip and couldn't believe how old she was, and that time had flown so quickly since Christ came and I got to raise her.

Second Coming

A bunch of us were playing on these red dirt mountains. We would run to the edge of a cliff and jump off it without looking down. It was a really far fall, but we landed in soft sand. I jumped off it twice and was fine, but the third time I looked down and it scared me and I couldn't jump again because now I knew how far down it was. All the sudden there was a bright light in the sky. I got really excited and thought Christ was coming again. I ran to where the light was, and when I got to Jesus there were people all around and he was walking through them. I was so happy he was there, and only thought about Molly. I grabbed His hand and asked him when I could see Molly and he put his other hand on my shoulder and said "not much longer."

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sarah was supposed to meet these guys at a store to buy a new puppy. I wanted one too, and I kept trying to think of a good reason to get another one. They were adorable tiny little terriers. I eventually didn't get one and just went back to what I was doing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lucas got fired at work. He didn't do anything wrong and I couldn't figure out why they fired him. I was LIVID. I went to the hotel to find Joseph or Lisa or whoever caused him to get fired and I was so mad I was like a crazy person. I was yelling at everyone demanding they tell me why he was fired and telling them they couldn't fire him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


My family and friends were all out walking looking at all the fall leaves. The trees were huge and every leaf was a brilliantly bright shade of warm colors. We were walking and a friend of mine showed me these little pink sticks that come out of the ground and if you take the flower off the top you can eat them. She said they are really popular on sushi. We ate them for a while then everyone said they were going to the waterfall. We walked and eli said he wanted me to jump the waterfall and I told him I didn't want to. Lucas was holding a tiny baby boy. The baby was asleep on his shoulder. I somehow knew that the baby wasn't mine, and that he was Lucas' son. My mom asked who's baby he was and I said "Lucas' from before we were together." But then I realized the baby was about the age Molly would be, which means he must have cheated on me. I said "Lucas did you cheat on me? Becuase that baby is about the same age as Molly would have been, and we were together a long time before we got pregnant." He kinda shrugged and mumbled. I didn't understand why he would have cheated because we are so happy. I got freaked out and kept explaining to him that I know he cheated. He said the baby was his and a girl named Haley's. That she text him one day and he started talking and one thing let to another but now he has a baby. I was really really sad and felt betrayed. I was willing to raise the baby, but I felt like I couldn't trust Lucas. I didn't see it coming, and just felt shocked.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nerd Herders

Everyone was making a huge mess in the world. Outside it looked like thousands of lost and found piles. I was looking for something to help a group of "Nerd Herders" with some computer stuff and Libby walked in. She was wearing a denim adult one piece jumper. It was weird because it was COMPLETELY showing too much and I felt bad telling her to change but another girl next to me told her she was all hanging out and Libby didn't believe it but looked into a toaster and said, "I'll just hold it" and went over to the Nerd Herders. I was worried they would tease her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bill from SpringHill

Bill H., a guest who stayed at the hotel for months, was jumping on the trampoline at an amusement park with lots of people. Everyone was yelling "Go Bill! Go Bill! Go Bill!" and he was laughing really hard.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I spent a really long time tracing a double sided comb. I even made sound effects while I traced it.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Molly's casket was in a room. The whole family was there today, and we lived across the hall from Jason and MaShay. Molly looked beautiful in her casket. I decided to hold her and walked over and picked up her little body. I looked down at her and her eyes were open. I realized she was breathing. My heart leapt as I realized she was alive! I lifter her up and felt her and she was warm. I couldn't believe she was alive! I started showing everyone saying "look she's not dead! She's alive!" her eyes were the lightest shade of blue I had ever seen. I ran across the hall to tell Jason and MaShay that Molly was alive. Now she was a little older and her hair was a red color. She was laughing and smiling and I kept staring at her face. Her little hands were opening and I was amazed that there was a miracle and she was no longer dead.


Lucas came to bed after I was already asleep. I was on his side and he came in and bumped me and I yelled "HOLY CRAP-A-MUNGA!" and he kept getting in and i go "crap-a-munga" and Lucas goes "It's just me getting in bed" and I said "When I stare the shelves keep filling up" and he said "Oh really?" and I said "aaaah this crazy house" and he said "should we move?" and I gave a sad sigh and said "yes" and he told me to move over to my side and I laughed while I moved to my side.

We went to an amusement park. We waited in line all day and then chose to go to a haunted house first. I ran so I was in line first and Lucas was a few people behind me. This other couple was coming along the outside of the rope and tried to cut in front of us and said to me "Hey we were here first" and I said "If you were, then you would have been standing here" and I pointed to my spot in line. The lady had huge hips and was like "hmpf" and then the guy running the line said "Excuse me" and pointed to the cutting couple and said "you need to get under the rope in line." So they went under the rope in front of me. I was mad but didn't say anything because the skinny boyfriend gave me a really mean look. Then when it was time to go in I said to the man. "Can my boyfriend come in too?" and he just looks at me and I said "I mean my husband! HAH!" and he looks at my ring and goes "Ya." Lucas came up to where I was and we went in. it felt like we were walking in an abandoned subway station. There were homeless people all along the walls and some of the people who we had seen in lines sleeping against the wall. Everyone was yelling things at us while we walked like "Nice Haircut!" and "Move over!" It turned into a maze and we left the house. We thought, that was so stupid, there must be more. So we went back in and chose a different path. We walked into a room that was lit by a black light and everyone was writing with crayons all over these like 20 foot long scribbles. The goal was to find an end of a scribble and follow it and be the one to get the scribble that finds the middle of the room. I spent hours following different lines and finally did it! Then when I was showing the judges it turned out I cheated and it didn't count.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Milky Salad

I work at a really cool restaurant and today these two ladies were being really giggly and girly. They asked me to make them a wonderful salad. I went to our fridge and we were almost out of all the salad stuff but I made them a salad with all the regular toppings and used thousand island. I took it to them and then went back to work and checked my dream journal. I had apparently posted a dream about Nicole S.'s daughter, Tori, because she commented on a dream and said "She's SO cute!" and I thought...thats weird the dream barely mentions her. Then another guy came back and told me the ladies wanted another salad exactly like the first. So I made the salads and we barely had any food so I made what I could then I went to look for more ingredients. When I got back Lucas had come and thought the salads were for us and he had poured chocolate milk on his. I panicked and grabbed a paper towel and tried to dry off the salad but it was ruined. I was frustrated so I went and layed on my stomach on the floor and never fixed the salad. Lucas felt bad that he ruined the salad.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today Shauna invited Lucas and I over for Jackson's birthday party. We went over and there were a lot of little kids there and I was trying to babysit them with her. Shauna and Joseph had set up a big fake house that showed the story of Jackson. It had a mannequin of each of them, and they would go through the different scenes. The there was one with them getting married and they were in wedding clothes and shauna was going up the aisle and then there was one of them asleep in bed but Josephs mannequin kept blinking. I looked at it for a while and thought it was really expensive but cool. I went upstairs and shauna was making Green bean casserole for dinner. I realized I couldn't find a little boy I was supposed to be watching and I looked for him and found him crawling behind the food items on the counter where shauna was cooking. I got him and then said I would feed all the kids and they all got themselves into their high chairs and I started asking them to use baby sign language and tell me they want to eat. I would put my hand to my mouth to motion eating but none of the babies were eating. I said I couldn't feed them unless they signed they wanted food. Some man was bothered that I wanted them to sign.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Lucas and I had to get Jill Schreffler for a job. She was in a church meeting sitting with David Main, we were about to go get them but they both got called up to the front and won an award. So we needed a place to plan and we went into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. When I walked in I said I was late because I won an award. Then Lucas drew a picture of a bat.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making a Game

Scott and I got an idea for a game, and we couldn't focus on anything else. We were designing the pieces and the box. Scott was working really fast and was super into it. The game had wolverine claws swiping through colored fog. It looked cool. I was trying to design a pen for the game, but my drawings were not good and were taking a long time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Weddings and a passing

I got on a bus that took me to a big beautiful reception. It was for Haley Shapiro's wedding. I sat in the back. Then I got on another bus that took me to a huge stadium. I was standing up high in the seats under a pavilion and watching and an announcer said "AAAAANNNNNDDDD announcing the beautiful bride....LESLEY!!" And Lesley ran out of the stadium and all of her family cheered and cheered. I didn't know I was at her wedding but I got really happy I made it even though she didn't invite me. Then He said "AAAANNNNDDD now the groom and his family! And lesley's husband runs out from behind these curtains and he is slightly ahead of his family who also runs out from behind the curtains and they all get on a sled that has wheels on it and they jump onto the bleachers on their stomachs on the sleds and ride them down into the crowd of people at the show. Everyone went wild. Then all my friends were at the table under the pavilion with me and we were celebrating and talking and Sarah said "I dont know how Kaylie doesn't get tired of smiling all the time" so I did a big huge smile and started dancing really crazy doing spiritfingers and crawling all while holding a huge smile. Then I got up because sister Evanson was yelling that I looked like I was trying to be in a porn. I was offended and got up and my friends handed me my phone and I had a text from Christian Evans I figured he was going to tease me about my silly dancing, but then his brother Brett was there and he said "Christian passed away" and I said "What? When?! How?!" and I looked and my phone turned into his death certificate and I was super upset and Brett said "One day he said he had some back pain and the next he was gone" and I said "How come nobody told me?" and Brett said "We are getting tons and tons of messages and things have been crazy" I was really sad and set the paper on a backpack and watched the wedding.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Past dream journal

In 2006 I began writing down my dreams. As soon as I woke up i would grab my dream notebook and write down everything I could remember. Then without changing anything I copied the dreams to my facebook dream journal. I have 121 dream entries on that journal. Click here to read some of the dreams from the past.

I dont edit out my dreams, I don't try to make myself different than I am or pretend I didn't dream about someone or something that I didn't. Please don't take offense to anything here, because as we all know...we can't control our crazy dreams.

If I do dream about you, please don't be embarrassed, I'm the only one who has anything to blush about. :)

Starting now I will post a new blog on here when I remember my dream when I wake up. Should be entertaining!

Have fun in my dreams!
(also pay attention to how often I dream about babies and puppies hahaha)


Sarah Palin
Bomb Maze
Brians Birthday Pigs
Nikki's puppy
Sharks and Strollers
In the Army
Missing Kelsey
Waves, puppies, kittens
No room for Jamie
Missing Kelsey
Rough Waters with Jamie
Jamie is famous
Jamie is different
Puppies and cotton candy
Jamie, Christian, Ashley
Adopting kids, and puppies
Saving babies from the twin towers
Jonni wants a tramp for Christmas
Pet Giraffe
An egg from Jason Mraz
Crazy threatening family reunion with Ellen Degeneres
Body boarding at night
Kelsey is a boy
Friends or Family?
boring work day
back in time
Jim, Haley, and a weird camp
Emmaleigh and Chase F.
Eli is 4
Saved Christen, Playdough with Jason
Jamie comes to Colorado
Brandon and Jamie
Love note from John Johnson
Married to a stranger, Black people dancing
Saving Tiffani H
Flying motorcycles
Naked Mexican, Christen looks at porn
Boat accident and belittling Josh Ogle
Pool party, swimming
Jamie moves on
Following sneaky Jamie
Mom gets puppies
Worth Diamonds in Highschool
Secret tunnel
Falling off a cliff and saved by a fridge
Crossword Puzzles
Sylvia is hungry
kristen necklaces, chasing the queen
Jonni has to fart
Jamie's brother tries to kill Austin Barrand
I kiss Mike Purcell
Skydiving and hiding from guns
Don't say Alaska
Sarah might die
can't stop overreacting
moving and vampires
Kelsey's Dolls come alive
Jamie loves me; Kevin's electronic room!
Skateboarding and Food
Ellen wins a million
Creepy Stalker
insecure with Mike
Steven's horse named Susan
Hiding evidence before my Dad's big performance
dangerous chair ride
Crazy day with the Thorne family
Graphic scary dream
Watching skydivers
Nate S. Proposes
Nikki is a theif
Shopping with Kristen
Jonni is excited; Family fighting
Reading Jamie's text messages
Christian wants taco bell. Sarah gets a ticket
Tim and Janessa
Smelly Pits
Failed dance party
Caught on the Pot
President of Green Grass
Hugging jamie
Jealous about roommates

Mad about secrets
Forgetting Kelsey
At Eric and Crystals house
Tim's wedding day
Whale Riding
I have a son
House going to break
Jamie doesn't love me
I'm not Haley I just want chicken
Hit on by a girl
Reconverting a drug dealer
Moving to Cali with Rob
No Smoking
Proud of Jamie; Bad driving
Katie Kelly's baby shower
Hanging from vines
Scared to skydive
Dad killed mom?
James remodels for the Julians
Crush on a scientist
Pizza baby ransom text


Prisoners, Guns, car chase
Girl fight over David Main
Making forts
Save the Puppies!
Killer dentist
Plane crash and plane crash reunion
Brandon the bad missionary
Cant stay at the Bishop's house