Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone hates Sunday School

I was at a BBQ and a quy walked in. He had long hair and a handlebar mustache. He came up to me and acted like he knew who I was, but I didn't recognize him. He introduced himself as Bryce Long. I repeated "Bryce Long....Bryce Long...sounds familiar" Then Corey, his brother, walked in and I remembered who he was. I leaned over to Lucas and said, "I made out with him" (btw, I'm pretty sure I didn't.) and we all hung out talking. Coreys wife came in and she was stunning. We got to talking about church and Corey and his wife left. I wondered why they would leave when talk got to church so I went to look for them. Then Corey turned into Austin but their wife was the same girl. I saw Austin through an old basement window and climbed through it. I sat on a chair next to him and asked him why they aren't going to church. He said "I dont know. She doesnt want to so I support her" I told him that it is important to go to church so you remember what is important to you. He said "We go to sacrament meeting, but not to anything else. She really HATES Sunday school." We heard the blinds move in the window and his wife was there and stormed away. I lifted myself out of the window and ran after her and told her that when Austin and I were dating I hated Sunday School too. I told her that everyone hates sunday school but we go so that we can not forget what is important. I told her that Austin taught me that and so I am trying to help him remember. I wanted her to remember. It was also a lie. I'm full of lies today.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hot hands at dinner

I was hanging out with Sara Whitcomb. We could never figure out what we wanted to do and kept appearing in new places but it was boring. We appeared in the car and we were driving down a really hilly road and she asked if I wanted to have dinner with her family. I thought she meant her husband and kids, but then she drove to her parents house.
When dinner started it was just Sara, Me, Rachel, and their mother. Nobody was talking and all we were eating was mashed potatoes, I think. Suddenly they had like 7 brothers and they came in the room one by one and pulled up metal folding chairs. I was sitting there and one of her brothers thought I was in his spot so without saying anything he started pushing my chair until the entire table was full of people and I was sitting in my chair off to the side. It was very confusing and there wasn't enough food for everyone.
I looked up, annoyed that Sara had not defended me when her brother shoved me out of the group but forgot to be mad because I realized everything had changed. Everyone was now sitting on a chair with another chair on top of the table and their food under it. They had their arms over their heads with hands laying flat on the metal chairs on the table and kept flipping their hands over so they could get as much of their hands on the metal chairs as possible.
I asked why they were doing that and they said "How else are we going to eat AND keep our hands cool?" I thought it was such a weird way to keep your hands cool, but they didn't seem to think it was strange so I just sat down.