Friday, December 30, 2011

Poor Moose

Moose got run over by a car, but just barely. The car broke his front right leg and when he got up it fell off. I was so upset but Moose didn't seem to notice and just got up and ran around on three legs. I was so sad for him though.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Stinky Snow

A group of my family was standing on a snowy mountain peak. There was a really bad guy who had weird face paint, and he had a little friend who was like he servant or partner in crime. We were watching them and they got in a fight, then the main guy fell off the cliff. I watched him fall into the snow and slide down the steep slope really quickly. His friend was so loyal that he then jumped off the cliff and fell behind him. I didn't understand it. I thought for sure they were dead. I didn't see the friend again, but the main bad guy got up once he stopped falling and walked to a flat spot and pulled out a ball that I thought was a bomb and a lighter. Then he lit the ball and fire shot into the air and I was sure we were going to die. Then the fire turned into smoke and it smelled horrible. Everyone in my family in the top of the hill started covering their mouths and yelling "NOOOO! It's a stink bomb! Run!"

Missed the hike

We were on a trip with Tim and Janessa. We went hiking in an area that looked like Moab, Utah. We were in a big tour bus with lots of people. When the bus parked everyone started hiking up the hill, but I realized I was holding a big wooden sign that said "Merry Christmas". As everyone else left to hike to the top of the cliff, I ran back to the bus to try and put the sign back on it. I was going as fast as I could but for some reason it was taking forever and I knew I would never catch up to the hikers. Finally I put the sign on the bus and ran out to meet people but I saw Tim and Janessa and the group coming back down. I said to someone I saw, "Dang it! I wanted to hike to the top too!" and he said, "Well...Tim wondered why you didn't come. He said,'It's like cats vs dogs, eh?'" I realized that that meant Tim and Janessa thought I just wasn't the hiking type and I was so mad.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Publicly having Kellen

I gave birth to Kellen. Something went wrong because I had extensive surgery and I had a big blue vein running up one of my legs, across my belly, and to my heart. Kellen made it though. He had a very round face and dark hair, which was weird. He didn't look like Kellen. The nurse decided to show everyone my birthing video. She brought it out and I was completely naked and sprawled out having a baby in front of a bunch of people I didn't know. I felt totally exposed and embarrassed and I would run to the men in the room and say "Don't watch this! Dont watch! You don't have to see this!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rubber ducky targets.

Every day I am chased by someone and have to hide.

Today I was at what seemed like a community barbecue. There was a group of men who were being mean to everyone and they were handing little rubber ducks to people. In order to avoid having the group be mean to them there were some teens who started acting like them and following them around. I grabbed the shoulder of a kid with frosted tips and said, "I bed you feel SO cool acting like those jerks, don't you!" He shrugged me off.
I realized that the leader of the mean men was planning on killing everyone he gave a rubber ducky to. I had one. Some friends of mine had one. I told them to get rid of it and they wouldn't so I grabbed it and put it in my shirt to hide it. The mean man saw me and grabbed me. He carried me over to a hole in my parents back porch that was really deep. He planned to throw me into it.
I started yelling and screaming at him. I spread my legs and arms out so they couldn't put me in the hole. Then the guy picked up Lucas' scriptures. He started flipping through them mocking them. I was so offended and said, "Get your dirty, scummy hands out of my husbands scriptures! You're going to regret that!" Then I grabbed the scriptures and ran as fast as I could. They tried to chase me and were right on my tail then I ended up on a staircase and found Lucas.
I hugged him tight and said we needed to go. I felt safe now that we were together. We ran outside and there was a limo. Lucas went to automatic unlock it with his keys and I told him not to because it could blow up. We stepped back and he unlocked it and nothing happened so we got in the limo.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kelsey is getting older

Lucas and I went to Hawaii. While we were there we decided to go see the Kominek family, who I used to nanny for. Kelsey was in Kindergarten and I was so excited to see her. We talked and I hugged Kelsey, and asked if she remembered me. She just looked at my face and shook her head. I was crushed but said, "It's okay Kels. You were just a baby when I watched you. It is hard to remember me." Then we talked to Bill and Wendi for a while and I just watched Kelsey. It was great to see her but I was sad that she didn't remember me.

Lucas cheats

Lucas cheated on me. I was completely broken. I asked if he slept with another woman and he said yes and I wanted to throw up.