Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby in trouble

We had our baby. I knew it was a boy but I kept seeing a girl and calling him a her. He was in trouble and started to throw up blood. I was terrified and we took him to the hospital. They said he might now make it and kept him on machines. I left and went to someones house where they were holding a healthy baby and it seemed a million miles away. I had a feeling I needed to go to the hospital again and I ran there and found my baby and kept saying, "I can save her. Let me hold her! Let me hold her!"

Moms Dresser

Mom got a really cool old dresser. It kept changing shape and style and she got it at DI for 70 dollars. I was impressed and didn't know she ever went to D.I.

David and James fall in love

Today I was at the Main house. We were talking to David and his whole family in a big fancy entryway. I realized that David was using his hands more than usual when he spoke. They let me know that David and James Julian had fallen in love but it was a secret. David said, "My mom still has a hard time with it but she is trying" I knew that both of them were attracted to women so I didn't understand why they would choose this even with the gospel and when they could easily be attracted to other people. I knew James was probably about to leave his wife to come be with David. Del Main looked like sister Stallings but was herself. She told me not to tell anyone, and I said I would not. But later I was home and sitting on the couch with Jonni. She was telling me how happy James and Tabitha are. I told her I was sorry but I knew something about someone. I tried not to say anything and said "a person we know, has decided to be in a same sex relationship with someone else we know. And this person is going to leave his DANG IT I SAID HIS. Oops. Anyways. So a guy we know is leaving his family for another guy we know and honestly David looks happy. DANG IT I SAID HIS NAME! Now you know!" Just then Del popped up from behind the couch and said "DID YOU TELL HER?" and I said "I didn't mean to! I was just telling her the basics without any names and I completely slipped I'm so sorry but I know she wont tell anyone. I'm the person she tells things to!" Del walked away.

Ex boyfriends

Don Barrand knocked on my door today and asked me if there was any way I could do him a favor. He handed me two 9X13 pans and two boxes of brownie mix and said he really needed me to make the brownies for his family. They were having family night and he had treats and he needed me to assist him. Then he left. I made the brownies and they looked great but were a little crumbly. I thought two pans seemed like a lot, and after family night when everyone in the Barrand family was eating them there was a whole untouched pan of brownies they put in the oven.

I was at Kristen Pierson's parent's house hanging out. Brandon and Julie were there. Brandon was sitting against the wall with a friend, and I walked into the room and sat on the floor with them. We were making small talk and the friend said something about how I crushed Brandon and that was wrong. Brandon looked at the floor. I said "I was 18 years old and stupid. I didnt know what I wanted so I think not getting married was the right idea. I was just being stupid. I am sorry about how I hurt you though." Brandon looked at me and smiled and we kept talking and it was less awkward.

I was in Hawaii surfing and I noticed Jamie and his new girlfriend surfing too. I paddled over to them and said Hello. Jamie looked shocked and mad to see me. I talked instead to his girlfriend and told her I was happy for them and she is beautiful and they look very happy. Then I caught a wave and left. They surfed in and came up to me on the beach and I teased them about catching small waves and said "Wow those waves were really huge, that must have been terrifying" We laughed, I missed him being around but knew I made the right choice.