Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jamie's New Girlfriend

Today a bunch of people were floating in an ocean with me. We were all holding on to what appeared to be wood from a boat crash, but we weren't scared or hurt. It's like we thought we were surfing. Then I noticed Jamie near me and I swam over to him and said Hi to him. I was relieved when he actually seemed happy to see me. We kinda hugged and then I saw his new girlfriend. She was beautiful, so I told her I thought she was really pretty. She said, "Thanks! And I like your pixie haircut and your pixie face" I thought that was weird but nice because I dont have pixie anything. I swam to the shore and there was Jamie again, next to a house with firefighters and an ambulance. He was really upset and I asked what was wrong, he told me that his girlfriend was in the house and he didnt know if she was okay. I got really scared for her and sad for Jamie so I ran in the house to find and help his girlfriend. When i found her upstairs she was hurt and Jamie was sitting next to her. He was crying, and I sat on the floor next to him and hugged him for a long time and kept telling him that she would be okay. It was good to see him happy with her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Laser fight

Lucas' family wanted to play laser tag today. I was SO excited to go and we all had a really expensive ticket to the best laser tag place in town. Everyone had on a team Taylor T-shirt on, and just as we were getting in the car I realized I didn't have a seat. I said, Uh oh, where can I sit? And Brian, my brother-in-law sticks his head out the door and says, "You're not coming. We dont have a ticket for you" I was really confused because I knew I had a ticket. So I went to find Lucas, who I realized was in our Escape. I went to the car and opened the door and he said, "Oh, hun, you aren't coming. We gave a ticket away, so we are just going to go" I was so sad that they gave a ticket away and just outed me. It made me feel really unwanted, and I was mad at Lucas for being okay with it. I was trying to figure it out and saw Mary Jane Ogle and she said, "I wanted a ticket so they gave me yours". She wouldn't give it back.

Everybody left.

So I walked to the laser tag place, Lucas was running around playing and I found him and walked in and crouched down where he was hiding, all geared up. I said, "Lucas, why would your family think I didn't want to come?" He said, "They knew you wanted to. We just gave your ticket away". That made me mad. I thought it was so inconsiderate, so I put my arm over him because he wasn't paying attention to me and was so angry and started explaining how they wronged me. He kinda just shrugged me off and kept playing. He never acts that way, so I got up and yelled back in front of everyone, "Lucas, you are so stupid!" He looked sad that I would call him a name, and so I immediately felt like I was the biggest jerk. I ran to him and hugged him and kissed him and told him I was sorry and I didn't mean it and now I know why I wasn't invited to play laser tag.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Belly Door

I found out that I was pregnant today. I was really excited and surprised to find out that my belly worked like a door with hinges on the bottom, I could open it up and look inside from above and check on my baby.
Later, I was walking around with my family balancing on the curbs around the neighborhood. I opened up my belly and noticed that there were actually two babies inside. I was so happy! I looked later and they were bigger but I was very worried that they would not survive so I kept my eye on them and said a very long prayer asking the Lord to keep my babies safe until it was time to get them out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lost and Found

Our neighbors, Kami and Jared took us on a road trip. I fell asleep in the car and when I woke up I couldn't figure out where we were. So I said, "Jared, where are we?" and he says, "In Haaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee". And looked at me like he had actually told me. I was like "Ooooh" even though I could only guess he tried to say Hawaii.
I was confused because there was landscape too far away for it to be hawaii, but maybe we were really there. I pretended to know where we were and said, "Wow, they've really built up this part of the city" (which is weird because we were standing in an empty field) "What's the name of this city?" I asked, trying to get an answer. Jared goes, "Laaaaaeeeeeeeeee" I'm thinking, Laie? But there were no tropical trees. So I said, "Oh how I love Hawaii!" and Kami says, "This isn't Hawaii, this is Texas!" Then I noticed a sign that said FT. WORTH.

Next thing I know I'm in India in this old building. Its really pretty and everyone is watching really inappropriate TV shows on an old TV. I didn't want to watch them anymore so I got up and then realized everyone was mad at me, and they started chasing me and said I belonged to the King. I didn't want him so I ran to hide. I kept seeing good hiding spots but they were blocked. Finally I stood behind a door and Lucas saw me. When a group of people came looking for me, they spotted my toes and Lucas says, "Guys, go easy on her. Don't take her to the King. This is the only life she knows."

Friday, May 6, 2011


Tim is not allowed to talk to me. His wife is mad I made a joke about their newborn pictures. She looks really good today though, and I can't believe I didn't notice she is a little person.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Awkward Swamp Date

I guess I'm not married today. There is a very handsome man sitting next to me on the plane, and I find myself wanting to make him laugh. He has on a leather coat with fur on the hood, which I find very strange, but I still want him. I strike up a conversation with him. Next thing I know we are walking through a swamp. It looks like there used to be a theme park here, we are on old rollercoaster tracks that go through this swamp, and there is an old aquarium to one side that I'm pretty sure has crocodiles in it. The cute guy from the plane seems to think that I am into his friend, who seems into me. I dont want to give him the wrong idea, so I am a little below my normal friendliness to his friend. I am nice, but try to act like a sister would or something. No flirting. I am in the front of four of us, I dont know who the other person is. The cute plane guy calls my name, and I get too excited and start running through the mud as he goes "ah" He noticed my over excited reaction right away and I was embarrassed and covered in mud. He said,
"Come here I want to show you something." I followed him for a while and he goes, "Are you liking him or not" and I said "Nope. I don't know him." He goes, okay.

Suddenly I'm back at his apartment. He is very organized and reminds me of Chad. His room is perfectly clean and looks very bachelor. THere is a TV on a dresser and a cover for a workout tape, which I find cute. I walk around the apartment and I realize there is someone in the shower. Suddenly my sister is there and goes "Is there a girl here?" I say, I think so, I'll check. I go over to the shower and peek over and see blonde hair. I say, "Is that you, Kelli?" the girl says, "YUP!"

(I woke up glad I was still married to Lucas)


The family was all gathered in this cute house. I was outside in the dirt parking lot when this white van pulled up. A short lady came out of it looking serious. She was holding a photograph. She came up to me, asking who I was. I told her I was Amber Taylor. She asked if my maiden name was Amber Hermann, and I told her yes. She handed me a picture of a check made out to Amber Hermann for 40 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House. She said that I had won the money! I started getting really excited and immediately started trying to find Lucas to tell him we could afford to Adopt. She stopped me and said, "Your legal name is Amber Taylor, now. We can't give you the money" I said, I am the same person, I'm just married now. She said, sorry. She took the picture of the check back and said, you see its for Amber Hermann, that is not you. I got really sad and started crying that we wouldn't be able to help anybody or adopt kids or anything all because of a name change. It was fun to get excited while it lasted.