Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Neighbor

We live in a house like the one I grew up in but on a small cul-de-sac. Our neighbor won the HGTV dream home, and I saw them give her a big check. I ran over to talk to her about how that was so amazing and I feel like I was so close! At her house her husband was there and he was scary. He kept showing me pictures of his two special needs daughters and saying "Aren't they beautiful? They are just beautiful!" I agreed that they were beautiful and thought maybe he wasn't that scary.

Then I went into the basement and there were a lot of little orphan kids. There was a tidal wave coming and I needed to save them. I only managed to grab two little boys about three years old. I grabbed them and wrapped them in a blanket and ran into a closet until the wave stopped. When it was over I went back upstairs and my neighbor was standing by the door. As I walked out to see something I noticed a match taped to a banister that was a few inches from a black box. I thought it was weird, but was happy i saved those boys. I thought I should go get them, then the neighbor lit the match and ran off. A second later the ground shook as the house blew up in a huge explosion.

I made it safely into the street but just stared at the flames. I was so distraught about all the lost orphans in the house, and I didn't manage to save those two boys again.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Molly was okay. I was carrying her around on my hip and couldn't believe how old she was, and that time had flown so quickly since Christ came and I got to raise her.

Second Coming

A bunch of us were playing on these red dirt mountains. We would run to the edge of a cliff and jump off it without looking down. It was a really far fall, but we landed in soft sand. I jumped off it twice and was fine, but the third time I looked down and it scared me and I couldn't jump again because now I knew how far down it was. All the sudden there was a bright light in the sky. I got really excited and thought Christ was coming again. I ran to where the light was, and when I got to Jesus there were people all around and he was walking through them. I was so happy he was there, and only thought about Molly. I grabbed His hand and asked him when I could see Molly and he put his other hand on my shoulder and said "not much longer."