Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hot Dog Fight

My family was all together and we went to a neighborhood buffet meal. All my siblings sat together, and I sat down with my food and left a seat open for Lucas. When he got his food he walked by me and chose not to sit by me and went to sit with the Rent A Center staff. I said "Lucas? Aren't you going to sit here?" and he rolled his eyes. He goes, "Whatever I'll sit here I guess." I said, "Well don't let me force you" He sighed, annoyed. Lucas got up from the seat and went over to the buffet and grabbed a two foot long hot dog and came back. He said to my brother Jason, "I could eat these things all day" and dipped his hot dog into nacho cheese and ate it. I was bugged. Jason said, "That's awesome, man"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

rollerblading with Andy

Lucas was going to hang out with Daniel and I wanted to race him there and surprise him. I was rolelrblalding down the street really fast and a couple kids wanted to play hide and seek. I told them my hiding spot was further down. I could hear Daniels truck and I thought I wasn't fast enough. I got to an elementary school and saw Andy from the office. I said, "Andy...from the office?"
He said "yeah..."
I anwered, "Sorry, I dont know your non-acting name. Is it ANDREW?"
He and his friend gasped and said "yes".
I said, "Do you know mine?"
"It's Amber." And I rollerbladed in a circle to try and impress them. "Same name. Same character."
Andy's friend said "You and the Amber character both have hair tie things on your wrist and ankle!" I checked and I had hair ties on my ankle. It was strange.
Then someone said,"Your Dad is really nice to let you rollerblade"

Ice Skating

I took ice skating lessons today. I was working out at a gym and couldn't get pace with the treadmill so I left the cardio area and there was an ice rink. There was a teenage girl giving a little boy lessons. he would stop really fast and was ruining the ice. I got skates and followed them and copied all the stuff she was teaching him. I thought I was pretty good.


Today I was riding in the car with Sarah, Emily, Lisa Erickson, Mom and a few others. We were drivint to the temple and were all crammed in the back of a suburban. Nobody was in the passenger seat. I felt weird about it and got really nervous about the drive and felt like we were going to crash. As we passed a gas station one of the pumps blew up and the explosion was huge. People ran out into the road to avoid the fire but we had to swerve to avoid them. The car fishtailed and we flipped onto some people and the car rolled and ended down the street on the roof. There was glass everywhere. I yelled to see if Emily was okay and saw that Lisa Erikson was on fire and badly burned. I was fine so I helped Lisa and ended up carrying her from the car to the grass median. I went back to help everyone else. Once our car of people were on the median i overheard some men saying they caused the explosion to try and kill an orphan. I was so mad and started yelling at them. They were furious that we knew it was them and said we had to pull their truck to the next station by ropes tied around our burns and cuts. I was so sad for Lisa. The bad guy then cut off some guys fingers with a fork. (HORRIBLE! I woke up in a weird grossed out mood)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chinese Parade Prince

My family went to China today! We were all there watching a parade and a royal cart came by and a bunch of princes got out and picked a girl from the crowd. I was chosen by one of them. he put his arm around my waist and guided me back to his cart. I was flattered but didn't want to go. The parade kept moving and I sat weirdly next to my prince. All the others were holding hands and cuddling with the girl they chose but I had no interest. I finally said "You didn't even ask me if I wanted to come." He looked shocked and motioned something and the whole parade stopped. I got out of the card and there were tons of flashes form reporters and I ran into a building while the prince picked a giggly Chinese girl and went back into his cart and the parade started again. I left the building and ran up a huge hill to find my family. I saw Sarah first and got into a chair by her and said "I didn't want to go with him." and she said " Too bad, I can't even write about this for the newspaper!"

Eli's booth

Eli was at a school event in the park. All the kids set up booths with games and stuff. His station was gift wrapping, but if nobody had gifts he would build custom shelves for you. There weren't many people at his booth, but he still looked happy.

Blog stalker and Fitness Dad

Lucas and I were hanging out with Mike and Katie Unger. Eventually Lucas left and I was surprised how awkward it was hanging out with them. We didn't have much to talk about and kept walking around the house trying to find things to do. I had nothing to say so I would mention Katie's food blog and realized I sounded obsessed with it. I just have a good memory. Mike and I found a hole under the house where my dad built a cave and trained for P90X competitions. He was really skinny but he had a vertical C-Section scar that confused me. I mentioned Katie's tattoo and she got mad that I "outed" it because Mike's family didn't approve. It was so weird so I pretended to fall asleep on the stairs.

Lucas and Crystal

I went to a get together with Crystal Marshall and while talking to her I discovered that she and Lucas had previously dated and it was pretty serious. I knew that she hinted at it but i could not get her to confirm or deny it. I walked behind her while she bought a salad at a salad bar and said " You know everything about when I dated YOUR husband..." and she just changed the subject. I was surprised and shocked that Lucas had not told me about dating Crystal, and I just wanted to hear about it. Nobody would tell me anything so, I went to get a casserole. I made one and took it to a party. They put it in the oven and nobody ate it because they all just anted homemade pizza. Julie Thorne was there and was really nice to me.

Dead birds

There were tiny dead birds all over our room today. Moose ate a dead mouse and spit it out on our bed. I showed them to Lucas.

(Lucas said I actually did wake him up and point to all the "dead birds" and pointed around the room)


Zuri was destroying all of our stuff while we slept and Moose was sad.

Stephanie weight issues

Stephanie Druva got really chubby. her mom kept making her tell me what she weighed when she was skinny. I looked in my journal to see what I weighted at the same age but I had never written it down.

Black Bear

There was a black bear on my parent's porch. He looked really nice and was cuddly. He didn't seem mad. I really wanted to pet him but I knew he could be more mean than he looked so I just closed the door.

He wants me dead.

Jamie Johnson hates me. He and his friends were at some event where I was and he scowled at me the whole time. Then one of his friends said something about how our relationsihp was bad and I got defensive and said, "I really really loved Jamie. It breaks my heart that his bitterness that it didn't work out makes him bleieve that it was not real" (or something along those lines) Then everyone was mad at me. Jamie wanted me dead. They all started trying to kill me. I got shot once and almost stabbed a lot. I was crying. I couldn't believe Jamie would want me dead. It made me so sad. I hid form them for a while but they were gaining on me.