Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naked Space Mission

Lucas and I seemed to be in some space mission. We were traveling to all these weird planets and the people we were with were attacking all of the natural inhabitants and trying to study them. We didn't like it so we tried to go off on our own mission. We would jump through little portals and appear somewhere else. When I jumped through one I appeared on the other side butt naked. I was in some cinder-block building. I didn't care much that I was naked because it was just an alien place anyway. I started running to find another portal and I turned a corner and saw Darth Vader walking down the hallway, so I quickly turned around and ran to hide in a womens bathroom because I didn't want Darth Vader to see me and torture me naked. I sat on a toilet in a stall and lifted my feet up so if he came in the restroom to find me he wouldn't be able to. I left after a while and found Lucas and told him Darth Vader was there. He went into a classroom of people and gathered up clothes for me to wear and called them a "cape". Then we found a portal and jumped through it and there was a giant floating diamond shaped planet covered in trash and I started cleaning it.

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