Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lacy socks and Chicken Puppies

I was walking around in a town center where I had never been before. I was going into lots of old shops, and found a tiny shop that sells fancy and funny socks. I asked the girl behind the counter if she had any knee high socks with lace on the top. She said that she did and walked me over to some socks. The ones she showed me weren't lacy, just ruffled. I mentioned that and she said, "well we have this.... " and held up a tiny lacy bikini. I told her that wasn't what I wanted, but thanks anyway. I left the shop and found a little modern strip mall. I started walking in to go shopping and there were two guys sitting against the wall at a small table. When I walked by they stopped talking and watched me. It made me a bit uncomfortable, so I decided to go into the close bathroom to get away from them. I noticed as I turned towards the bathroom that they got up and started following me. I made it into the bathroom and then the door re-opened and the guys walked in. I said, "Oh- sorry this is the girls restroom" they said, "we know" and one of them locked the door. I got scared and one of the guys started grabbing at me and I screamed. The smaller of the two got scared when I screamed and unlocked the door and ran out. The other guy was trying to force his way onto me and I kept fighting and pushing him away. He was trying to undo my pants and I noticed he was a guy I dated in Rexburg. I grabbed his shoulders and said, "Hey! You're married! Why are you doing this to me when you have an awesome wife at home? Stop this!"

Suddenly I appeared in Hawaii and was living with Bill and Wendi again. They had a chicken coop outside but it was really cold and there were a bunch of eggs that they wanted to hatch. I found an empty aquarium and some fake rocks that warm up when you plug them in and put the eggs inside on straw all between the rocks to keep them warm. In a minute the eggs started hatching and I saw little feathered chicks coming out. I went inside and told Bill and Wendi that the chicks were hatching so the rocks were working. When I went back outside and the chicks were all puppies. There were so many of them and they were all mixed and had beautiful coloring. I wanted one so bad. Bill and Wendi said we could have one. I asked them what it would cost to take a puppy off the island. They said "300" I looked at Lucas, and he said "Nope."

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