Thursday, April 25, 2013

Visiting Myself in the past

 I was on Google Earth again, looking at the house in Hawaii and missing Kelsey. I wished the photo was less blurry so I could see how old Kelsey was. I started clicking "zoom" and got closer and closer, and suddenly I noticed that the picture of me and my friend Sylvia was moving! I watched myself walk with Sylvia, and it was so clear it felt like I was there. I noticed that Hawaii Amber was a little chubby so I must have been there a little while already. I followed myself for a while, then with one more click on "zoom" I was suddenly there. I could feel the humidity in the air, smell the flowers on the trees. I was so excited! Then I noticed that Hawaii me was staring at modern me. I walked over and said to myself, "This is probably super weird for you. I am you. I'm from the future, I just got here through the computer somehow!" Hawaii Amber looked at me super shocked and said, "How old are you?"
Modern me replied, "25"
Hawaii Amber said, "Wow! This is crazy!"
Modern me: "I know! How long have you been here?"
Hawaii me: "Almost a year"
Modern me: "Wow. I miss it so much, but I dont know how long I'll be here before I go back so I want to tell you a few things." Hawaii Amber took a second and just nodded at me, staring at my face. I went on, "When you get offered a job for $1000 after Wendi has her next baby, dont take it. It is going to seem like a lot of money but if you take that job it will ruin some relationships that are more valuable. Trust me on this. Second, How is Jamie?"
Hawaii me: "He is great!"
Modern me: "He is. But you aren't going to marry him. I know it feels like you will and you love him, but you are going to move home and marry someone else. But be kind to Jamie. Be patient when he messes up. Treat him right and dont break his heart. Also, be a better example to him of someone who has the Gospel, make him love that so when you leave he doesnt blame the church." I was tempted to ask to see him so I could apologize for some things, but I didn't want to run out of time.
Hawaii me stood staring and said : "Do we have kids?"
Modern me: "I am expecting my third right now. We have two already." (I remember deciding not to tell myself that we would lose two babies.)
Hawaii me kept watching modern me and we started walking down the street on her original path. I looked around and said, "I know I can't really be here, this has to be some sort of dream, but this feels so real. I mean- I can feel the rocks on the ground!" I bent down and felt the street, I could feel the rocks and sand. "I can feel the leaves on this tree, and the warm air and the humidity! It's like this is real! This is the strangest thing! Oh- (turned to Hawaii me) you are going to have a feeling that you need to move home. You wont want to do it, but it's important that you do. You have to meet the man we marry. He is amazing and worth leaving all this."
We walked into my old employers house together. Bill and Wendi gasped when they saw two of me. I quickly said, "I know this is super weird. I'm from the future, somehow I made it back here. I dont know how long I'll have so I want to tell you some things. First, At some point I am going to get a one-week nanny offer for $1000. I will take it because I wont understand what is involved when you have a new baby. You will have just had a second baby and I will take the job thinking you wont need me. It will offend you. I am very sorry that I will take it. Please understand that I didn't know that you needed more help than ever and you needed to heal. I have been sorry that I offended you guys all these years. I am sorry." They nodded to me as they watched me.
Then I noticed Kelsey playing on the floor. My heart felt so full as I watched her. I went over and picked her up and she laughed. I ticked her and played with her for a while. Then I noticed Wendi was playing with a little girl too. I said, "Who is that?" and she said, "She's yours." We both kept playing with the little girls for a while. Then I started getting worried that since I gave myself advice to change the way I did things, that I would have changed my future.
I started to panic. I told them, "I have to go now. I have to get back so that I dont change too much and I can still have the life I live now. If I changed things and I dont find Lucas I wont be able to handle that. I have to marry him." They said they would help me get back. I told them I thought I had to go back through the washing machine.
We went to the washing machine and opened it up. I crawled ontop of it and said, "I think I have to go through here?" They shrugged and watched as I started to lower myself intot he machine but nothing happened. Then I got really scared that it was too late and that somehow I wouldn't go back and I wouldn't ever have married Lucas. I got out of the washing machine and said, "I have to run."
I said goodbye and then started running down the street. The pavement hurt my feet but I sprinted, desperate to get back to Lucas. I ran until suddenly I started floating in the air and some of the neighbors turned to stare.

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